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French chemist Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794) is considered one of the most prominent chemists of the 18th Century. He, working closely with his wife Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze, was largely responsible for helping chemistry evolve into a quantitative science. Lavoisier was one of the founders of the metric system. He also correctly described the process of combustion and discovered the Law of Conservation of Mass. Learn more about Lavoisier by visiting his Wikipedia page.

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This is the place to find resources and support for your learning! This site is designed for my General and Honors Chemistry students and their parents. Please check out what this site has to offer by using the links above. Most of the documents that we use in class will also be available here by accessing the appropriate course page (i.e. General Chemistry or Honors Chemistry). However, please keep in mind that Google Classroom will serve as our primary means of communication.

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Other scientific disciplines have greatly influenced Modern Chemistry. For example, Albert Einstein (above) and Werner Heisenberg (below) both contributed greatly to the science of Chemistry, even though both were considered theoretical physicists. Einstein helped us to comprehend the relationship between matter and energy, while Heisenberg helped explain the atom via Quantum Mechanics.

This academic year, I am teaching four sections of General Chemistry and one section of Honors Chemistry.