Blue Ridge School

General Chemistry


General Chemistry is a college preparatory lab science course designed for students who are not necessarily planning to pursue a career in science. As the 2015-2016 school year progresses, I’ll be adding instructional units one at a time. You will be able to access these individual unit pages from this page.

The textbook for General Chemistry is Chemistry: Connections To Our Changing World (2000) published by Prentice Hall and authored by H. Eugene Lemay, Herbert Beall, Karen M. Robblee, and Douglas C. Brower. In addition, online text and interactive resources will be utilized throughout the course.

Unit 1 - How Science Works

Unit 2 - Energy and Matter

Unit 3 - Moles, Molar Mass, & Molarity

Second Trimester

Unit 4 - The Atom & Nuclear Chemistry

Unit 5 - Electrons & Quantum Theory

Unit 6 - Periodicity & Chemical Families

Unit 7 - Chemical Formulas & Bonding

First Trimester

Third Trimester

Unit 8 - Chemical Reactions

Unit 9 - Moles and Stoichiometry

Unit 10 - Advanced Chemistry Topics